Over the years I have been releasing music under the name of ninety5s, Belleville and now my current name Brash. The genres have varied wildly, from Dark Bassline, through Hip-Hop and now I am producing electronic music in the style of house/disco/italo. Examples of my work can be found on SoundCloud via the link below.


I also have experience recording in the studio, where I have been an engineer and producer for several projects over my education. Below are three examples of my studio work.

Assessment 1 was recorded by myself and fellow students and produced by myself.

Assessment 2 was created using a sample taken from a Billie Holiday record, sampled using a USB turntable. I then added acapella’s from Lady Chann and Flowdan.

Assessment 3 is a dubstep song created by myself that features an acapella from Trim – Notice Now.

Sound Design for Film and Game.

During my time at Anglia Ruskin University, I have created several pieces of music for both films and games.  The example below was created for a film titled “Into My Arms” by Theo Douchand. All of the music was created by me as a replacement for a commercial recording that was previously used as the soundtrack.

I have also created both the music and the sound effects for a game currently in development called “Croptect” by Brian Cox. The music heard in the video below is original work by myself, while the sound effects are a mixture of royalty free effects sourced by myself and other students on my course.

Electronics and Max MSP.

Through my course, I have gained proficient knowledge in coding for Arduino’s, as well as using breadboards and electronic components.  Below is an example of a MIDI arpeggiator I created using an Arduino, which uses potentiometers, light-dependent resistors and buttons to control the arpeggiation.

I also have extensive experience with Max MSP and have used it for many projects over the duration of my course. Below is a Max synth patch that I created which is controlled via a USB NES controller and also features a 16-step sequencer.

Live Sound. 

I have worked on several live events throughout my education. As a DJ I have been responsible for setting up the speakers and the DJ equipment many times for events; both private and commercial; such as NUAs Storehouse Magazine launch party. I have also helped with events featuring live instruments and performers, such as Wymondham’s Got Talent several years ago.  Recently I was the sound engineer for a live event in Cambridge at the 2648 bar, where I was responsible for the sound and set up for many different acts. I’m very interested in live sound and the science behind it, and I built a pair of folded horns several years ago to better understand how they work.